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Enabling a culture of technology innovation amongst Indian youth

Edunet Foundation was founded in 2015 as a non-profit organization. Edunet promotes STEM education, innovation, tinkering and making.  #CodeForFuture helps young people prepare for careers around computer science. Through its partners, Edunet has a national footprint. It works with regulators, state technical universities, engineering colleges and high schools around India. 

Our Programs

Skills Accelerator

Skills Accelerator provides the missing link between inspiration and empowerment. Skills Accelerator enables students to develop the much needed foundational Future Skills, aligned with the 4th Industrial revolution and creates a pathway for technical jobs. 

Faculty Development for AI

We deliver a large scale training the trainers program covering more than 10,000 ITI instructors every year nationally. Delivery is done in blended mode combining classroom learning, online learning, lab work and field work. This program is delivered in alliance with DGT.

Boot camps and hackathons

We conduct boot camps focused on internet of things, data analytics, machine learning and blockchain as they apply to the most relevant areas of innovation today covering healthcare, smart cities, environment management, education and social empowerment.

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